In-Person Communications seminars

Leadership Seminars

In-Person Communications has developed leadership and management programs that are highly interactive Personal Communications Reviews. Small group settings offer maximum opportunity for participants to:

  • experiment with new techniques
  • receive personalized coaching in a supportive environment

Corporate seminars are customized to meet your company’s specific business objectives and can be delivered on site.

Participants benefit from practicing proven techniques that help them:

  • Formulate messages that get positive results
  • Deliver information clearly, persuasively and most important, naturally
  • Connect with their listeners on what’s important to them
  • Increase their Leadership presence and project greater confidence
  • Fine-tune their ability to build and maintain relationships within their business environment

Upcoming Seminars

We invite individuals interested in attending a Personal Communications Review to register for our upcoming two-day Open Enrollment Seminars (OPENs).

  • 2024 June 19-20 in Haverford, PA

“…You did a fantastic job…you hit a number of areas that I have been trying to “fix” for years!!! I wish that I had the opportunity to sit through this 2 day session 20 years ago! It would have spared me a lot of anxiety…”

— Chief Financial Officer, Interior Solutions firm

We Invite you

to learn more about our consulting services and seminars by contacting our President, Barbara Szala