In-Person Communications seminars

Our Philosophy

Since we started in 1976, In-Person Communications has been successfully assisting individuals and their businesses to withstand and triumph over the challenges facing them in this competitive, global marketplace.

Our approach is based on two firm convictions:

  • The best way to cultivate a confident communications style is to define and develop one’s own natural talents and positive qualities.
  • Personalizing our consulting and coaching inspires our clients to adopt strategies and skills that increase their overall business and personal performance.

Company History

In-Person Communications was founded in New York City by Charles E. Reilly, Jr. in 1976 as a subsidiary of a business-to-business advertising agency. Our mission at that time was to help client relationship managers make better presentations. In 1981, Barbara Szala joined the firm and worked with Charles to respond to requests from clients and expand In-Person’s consulting capabilities to meet a broader range of business communications needs.

Today, under Barbara’s leadership, In-Person Communications provides consulting and coaching services that focus on specific objectives relevant to business professionals and their organizations. We tailor our communication methods and delivery formats to accommodate the ever-changing demands of our clients and their stakeholders.

Our Team

In-Person Communications is led by Barbara Szala, a recognized communications coach, conference speaker and business development consultant. Our team draws from an accomplished group of communications specialists and subject matter experts.

“(In-Person Communications) is a leader and early trailblazer in effective communications and public image development.”

— Marketing and Brand Growth Executive